We build BUZZWORD and BUZZWORD to help companies achieve BUZZWORD by using BUZZWORD, BUZZWORD and BUZZWORD.
or in simpler terms
We build mobile apps and stuff.

you have a business idea, not an app idea

We love listening to people who have an idea for the next big app. But what we really listen for is the business idea behind the app. Then we reframe the discussion to be, “What you have is a business idea, not an app idea. How can we help build that business?”.

After spending time breaking down your business objectives, we move into a discussion on what technology would best achieve those goals. Sometimes a mobile app is the best approach, but sometimes it is not. And we can help you with those decisions.

Mobile Apps

We build apps. iOS apps. Android apps. Apps for OTT devices. We build business apps. We build lifestyle apps. We build entertainment apps. Did we say we build apps? But we also know that not everyone needs an app. Our approach is to focus on the business objective of the project first and then use technology to achieve those goals. Sometimes that means building an app, other times building a website, and other times not building anything.


Most modern apps aren’t just simple, static projects. They often include cloud based databases, API connections, marketing websites and social integrations. We can handle all of that. Our experience goes beyond mobile apps. In fact, our developers have been working with companies since before smart phones existed. So if your project has anything to do with online apps or websites, we can help.

Secret Stuff

Sometimes companies just need a little help, but don’t want us to take credit for the work. Maybe you need someone to only build the iOS frontend of the app or you need someone to integrate an existing app with a backend server or you are a website company that needs help building a native mobile app. That’s ok, we are humble people. We don’t mind working with you on the down low.

Our Work

User Hook

Through working with clients and making our own apps, we soon realized that there were certain app features like user feedback, in-app messages and push notifications that we built into most of our apps. So we decided to help out developers like ourselves and we released User Hook.

User Hook is a service to help app owners with user retention and re-engagement. The majority of users will download an app and stop using it within a few days. By effectively using in-app messaging and push notifications, User Hook helps developers increase user retention rates.

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